One Wearable To Rule Them All...

My Amazon search for 'Wearable Tech' turned up ~7000 distinct pieces of wearable device from brands as varied as the use cases they all try to serve. There are wearables to measure your well being, mental state and every single thing you do or can imagine doing. There are wearables to measure your pet's activities and well being. For a phrase that did not show up until a few years ago (see google trend graph below) it has definitely become a huge market.

Are we heading for a time when we'll have 15 devices on us to measure everything? Hopefully not. I, like you, want some of the functionality and benefits that these devices provide but how about I get them all in one wearable?

So here's a business opportunity for an interested entrepreneur. I present 'The One Wearable To Rule Them All'; the iFitBone.

  • You wake up from a fantastic night of sleep because your iFitBone, which understands your circadian rhythm and is in tune with your body clock, also controls your home thermostat. This ensured that as your body temperature dropped with the your stage of sleep your home adjusted to keep you as warm or as cool as required.
  • Your iFitBone wakes you up from said fantastic sleep in time to enable you get ready for the meetings you have on the day. You get dressed (or are assisted) and head out of the house which automatically enables the map functionality in your (self driving) car.
  • You stop off at the gym on your way and iFitBone, already synced to your gym system and exercise history, suggests the perfect routine. You do just the right amount of reps and laps based on the health records that (no surprises) have already been provided to iFitBone.
  • You drove by your Starbucks your pumpkin spice latte is already at the counter. It's a short drive from there to your office building and it already knows where your meetings are directing you to the nearest available parking spot as your car pulls up.
  • As the day winds down your iFitBone confirms your ticket for the immersive museum experience you'd signed up for a few months prior and you'd forgotten. Your car drives up as you settle in for a great night...

You get the point. All this technology is here and continues to improve. Some folk even want it embedded under their skin. Not me though, I'm too squeamish for that.

I do want one and only one wearable. Someone should get working on that...