Polymathic Weekly #1

Between 2005-2007 I curated a weekly email of books, music, pictures and a pithy quote. It got folk over hump day and became a thing with ~10k views/month*. Life happened, I stopped sending the newsletter and managing the site but kept curating interesting links for friends/colleagues.

It's 2016 and it's back! Every week (if you let me) I'll share great articles, a couple of books and lifehacking products. The goal is to that you get something new and career advancing every week.

This week's picks


  • Boomerang for Gmail - They say 'teach people how to treat you', if that's the case stop sending work emails late on Sunday night and refuel your tank instead. Use Boomerang and schedule that email for Monday morning :) Also never miss sending a follow up email.
  • Bonus: x.ai: Most of my meetings last year were scheduled by Andrew or Amy. Not real people, artificial intelligence. Apart from a few glitches most people couldn't tell they weren't human. Welcome to the future.


  • Robots Will Take Your Job - Continuing the AI theme, the Boston Globe has a fantastic take on AI/Deep Learning and the impact it will have on our jobs. Read for why "we must seriously start talking about decoupling income from work".
  • 13 Urban Trends: As cities change before our eyes what can we expect and how can we, as individuals, position to benefit. Some of these are playing out in Austin (my new home) now.


  • Your Flying Car Awaits - At $0.99 this book is a steal! There was a time when predictions were the remit of researchers/true experts. They still got a lot wrong. This book is a fascinating look at many of those wrong predictions and some that are no longer fantasy.

Enjoy! Share your thoughts, feedback, send to friends or just say hello...

I'll be at SXSW in two weeks so let me know if you have any particular innovation you are interested in scouting/learning more about.

Till next Sunday, have a fantastic week!


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*The image above (circa 2006) is from wayback machine.