Polymathic Weekly #6: Muji and Little Bets

Two friends are currently working on huge projects. One is building a movement and the other is building the infrastructure layer of how individuals engage with government. The projects generate opposite feelings in me; admiration at the audacity of their goals (we are all inspired by great leaders) and dread for how much it will take to get there (because internal motivation is required to take on perilous journeys). But admiration, and a desire to assist as much as I can, eclipses the dread. I’m rooting for them..

The white noise app for babies had the undesired effect of putting me to sleep while our son stayed awake! Since I liked the effect on me :) I found Muji to Relax to help. Take a 15min break at work listening to crackling logs, chirping birds or flowing water. I assure it’ll do you good. Just don’t fall asleep at work.

Anytime I walked into a Muji store I wondered about the polarity of selling products (commercialism) purporting to simplify our lives. This New Yorker article on the commercial zen of Muji (yes, the same company that made the app above) brilliantly handles this conflict while shedding light on a fascinating company.

I’m more intrigued by Pixar than by Apple. On Apple’s 40th anniversary it’s the slightly less popular but more creative of Jobs’ appropriations that I draw insights from. Pixar's creative approach speaks to the changing nature of business and how it requires a willingness to take Little Bets to find breakthrough discoveries. Packed with familiar examples from various subjects (including Pixar,) Little Bets is a light but good read.

Note of Thanks that will be (mis)construed as a shameless plug :): Amazon does not provide information on who bought ebooks but I’d like to say a huge Thank You to whomever it was that bought a copy of each one of my five ebooks, I truly appreciate you.

Have a great week! Book giveaway coming next week :)