Some thoughts on the future of the utility...

Whether we like it or not the utility that we’ve always known will not be the same over the next few years. Change is coming in the form of a smarter grid, smarter cities and distributed energy resources in the form of wind, solar and electric vehicles. There is also the need for supporting infrastructure to maintain secure and quality delivery of power. At the center of all this conversion of bits (hardware) to bytes (software enablement) of this changing utility is the cloud and mobile. 

Moving to the cloud and mobile allows your utility to

  1. Enable your workforce
  2. Enable and engage with customers
  3. Manage your heavy assets

All critical elements for running your company successfully. It makes business sense. 

What are you as a utility doing to prepare for this change? There is no sense in building your own cloud - that is a business all in itself as proven by Amazon Web Services (AWS) - but there is a need to develop a plan for dealing with the inevitable movement to the cloud and mobile. What benefits do you gain from going to the cloud and focusing on mobile?

  • Increased Efficiency to deal with the changing nature of customer demands
  • Greater Flexibility to scale down or scale up operations as the market requires
  • Reduced HeadCount managing parts of your business that are cost centers
  • Improved Customer Service by meeting customers where they are and providing service at the level they currently receive from other entities they engage with in their daily lives.
  • Quicker Deployments: even with the reduced headcount you can still deploy resources to serve customers quicker without latency in service

But with these benefits come some questions like

  • Does it make sense to deploy a public, private, hybrid or community cloud?
  • Should you move all or some parts of your business to the cloud? Which parts should you move if some?
  • How secure is the cloud deployment and how do you maintain ongoing security?
  • What are the ‘terms of engagement’ in handling customer data?
  • Is this an opportunity to redefine our asset and service strategy? And
  • How much will this move cost? Hard costs and soft costs?

Other providers know Cloud & Mobile but have little to no expertise in the Utility industry.

At Asha Labs we are experts in the utility and software services industry. Consider us your SWAT team, we are AGILE, HAVE OVER 15 YEARS OF UTILITY & SYSTEMS EXPERTISE and DELIVER SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS INNOVATIVELY AND OPTIMALLY

We assist you with

  1. Defining a customer, cloud & mobile strategy
  2. Defining User Experiences that enable you serve the new utility customer ('Prosumer').
  3. Defining the cloud configuration that makes sense for your organization
  4. Defining innovative approaches for your business in the fast-changing landscape of the utility and power industry
  5. Developing a plan for moving your systems to the cloud and 
  6. Managing the successful implementation of the plan 

The changes required to make this transition successfully are highly disruptive to your organization and the burden should not be placed on your current teams who are keeping your mission critical operations going. Even if you have already deployed for mobile or to the cloud are the benefits and risks still being measured correctly with the fast-changing nature of customer expectations cloud and mobile industry? Are you operating with current best practices? Contact us at ASHA LABS.

Some of our customers are your competitors. Give your company a chance to win.  

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