At Asha Labs

There is a huge need for the utility industry to work with external partner firms to weather the customer and technology advances that are shaking up the industry. Utilities need a partner firm that understands utility customers and can provide insights and strategic advice to enable the utility to take advantage of new technologies to develop new business models. That partner is ASHA LABS

We are

  1. Experts in designing, developing and implementing technology for a fast-changing utility industry and the new customers it serves.
  2. Strategic Narratives: we develop future scenarios (futurecasting) and implementation plans for utilities to ensure relevance.

Consider us the love child of Morningstar and IDEO... with a focus on the consumer facing elements of the utility and resource efficiency industries. 

We also tinker and build some products like


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We help utilities develop new consumer products and business models through futurecasting, lean prototyping and systems thinking. Email

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systems design with heart

We develop products that get to the heart of the needs of utility industry customers, prosumers and passive.

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